Introducing A Powerful Membership Solution For WordPress Fans!

It's all preconfigured and ready to go!

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Just 5 Steps To Your Perfect Membership Site!

  • 1. Sign Up

    Take the first step and open your account.  30 day money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose.

  • 2. Add Content

    Add your content and restrict access to any of the pre-configured membership levels (or create your own levels)

  • 3. Connect Your Stripe or Paypal Account

    Are you charging for your content? If so, then just connect your Stripe or Paypal account.

  • 4. Test Purchases

    Run a test purchase to make sure your buyers are assigned the correct levels and restricted to the content you desire.

  • 5. Open For Business!

    You're ready to open for business - Tell the world!

Every Account Automatically Starts With A Powerful Pre-configured Template

All You Have To Do Is Add Your Content!

  • 3 Pre-configured Membership Levels

    Gold • Silver • Platinum (Or change their names!)

  • Content Templates For Your Initial Content

    Ready for both your free and protected content.

  • Protected Discussion Forums For Each Membership Level

    Includes pre-configured public, private and protected forums.

  • Beautiful Account and Profile Areas

  • Pre-configured Pricing Tables Designed For UpSelling

  • Social Media Functions Such As Friends, Groups and More

  • Private Messages Between Members

  • Ticketing and Support Areas For When Your Customers Need Help

  • And Much Much More!

    Over 300 function points includes everything you need to run an effective and profitable membership site. 

Imagine - Your Entire Membership Site Could Be Up And Running In Less Than One Day!

  • No Wrestling With Technology

  • No Custom Code Necessary

  • No Installation Required

  • Support Always Available

Powerful Design Features Included!

  • Drag and Drop Page Designer

    Design any type of page with our powerful page designer.  Design lead capture pages, landing pages, standard web pages and more!

  • Registration Forms Designer

    Our registration form designer helps you collect all the information you need right when the user is most willing to provide it.

  • Menu Designer

    What's a website without menus?  So our menu designer allows you to create any number of menus.  You can even create menu items that change based on the membership level or whether the user is logged in or logged out.

  • General Forms Designer

    Sometimes you just need forms to collect information from your users.  With our form designer creating forms and viewing the submitted information is a snap!

  • Object Animations

  • Countdown Timers

  • Page Templates

  • 60+ Design Modules

    Menus • Maps • Video and Photo Galleries • Grids • Team Displays • Timelines • Testimonials • Social Media Feeds • Popups and Alerts....

Includes Everything You Need To Build Content & Sales Pages, Write SEO Friendly Articles & Restrict Free and Paid Users.

Ready For Growth

  • Get Started For Just 29 Cents per Member per Month!

    ($29.00 per 100 members on our starter plan)

  • Scale Up In Small Increments

    Our standard plans allow you to easily scale up in small increments to hundreds and thousands of members.

  • Lifetime Pricing Plans

    If you don't like monthly fees we have lifetime pricing plans - pay one price and use the platform for life.

  • Custom Functionality Available

    Unlike other SaaS services we can offer custom functions on our platform.  If you can dream it our developers can likely deliver to your specs.

  • Dedicated Server Plans Available

    When it's time to really scale up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of members, we've got your back.

    Or maybe you require extra privacy or an extra level of security and just feel comfortable having your data segregated.

    We're not a normal SaaS service - we can place all your data on dedicated servers to accommodate your growth or security concerns - no matter how big you get!

Popular Use Cases

  • Sell Your Content

    Sell your content on a recurring basis, charge a one-time fee or use an installment plan.

  • Engage With Your Audience

    Use our forums to form communities that engage with your audience.  We have one of the most powerful forums available.

  • Collect Leads With Landing Pages

    Easily create landing pages to collect leads and drive revenue.

  • Market with email automation

    Send marketing emails to your members using your own email service.  Send as many marketing emails as your email service provider will allow.

Who Is Our Service For?

  • Schools & Home Schooling

    Schools of all levels • Home Schooling • Education Professionals • Authors • And more...

  • Associations

    Alumni Associations • Homeowner Associations • Law Associations • Library Associations • Political Associations • Public • And many many more...

  • Non-profits

    Business organizations • Chamber of commerce • Churches • Community Services • Foundations & Charities • Networking groups • And many many more...

  • Clubs

    Fitness clubs • Garden clubs • Motorcycle clubs • Car enthusiast clubs •  Sailing clubs • Swim clubs • Tennis clubs • General sports clubs • Many other clubs...

  • More...

    Art councils • Consulting services • Environmental clubs • Fraternities & Sororities • Historical societies • Student organizations • Teacher organizations • PTAs • many many more...

No Risk - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide that we're not the service for you, just let us know and we'll promptly issue a refund!