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Combining Free & Paid Users With Manual Designations

A customer came to us with a relatively unique requirement involving a combination of free users, paid users and manual designation of user levels. The requirements were as follows: All users would initially register as free users.Free users are automatically designated as “non-accredited” users in their user profilesFree users can be upgraded to “accredited” on…


Tutorial: Using Member Level Restrictions

Each membership level in Easy Membership Sites can designate a variety of restrictions for users. The most common restriction is for posts (aka articles). Each post (article) can be assigned to one or more categories. You can then use those categories to restrict viewing by membership levels. Restrictions are set at the bottom of the…


Tutorial: Understanding Membership Levels

Easy Membership Sites allow for, essentially, an unlimited number of membership levels. Each level can have different pricing, expiration dates, start and end constraints, user eligibility for memberships and more. The best way to understand how to set up a membership level is to examine the ones that are included as part of the default…