Demos & Templates

Standard Template

This is our standard template. It is the template that is assigned to every new site.

It includes three pre-configured membership levels, all menu items, contact forms, legal pages, member directories, pricing tables and more.

It is easy to use - you can quickly get your site up and running by simply swapping out text, images and pricing.

Demo Site: Business Coaching & Resources

This demonstration site uses our standard template that is assigned to every new site.

From that starting point the following changes were made:

  • Add a logo
  • Add a cover photo
  • Add additional icons with benefits
  • Remove the pricing page
  • Remove two pricing levels - there is only one membership level for this site
  • Update links to go straight to the checkout page instead of the pricing page

All other pages remain the same including the login pages, profile pages, account pages etc.

Total Time For Modifications: Less than four hours, most of which were spent hunting for photos and icons.