Refund Policy

Our refund policy is comprised of two parts:

New Customers

A new customer is one who has never subscribed to any of our services or purchased any product or service from us. When a customer makes a purchase for the first time they have 30 days in which to ask for a refund. Refunds will be provided in this instance immediately and with no questions asked.

Existing Customers & Renewals

Renewals for existing customers will not be refunded. All payment providers (Stripe, Paypal etc.) charge us a percentage of the sale, even when refunds are granted. Thus, we will not refund a renewal or additional purchase for any reason.

Customers on a monthly renewal plan should be sure to cancel before their next renewal date. We will not be sending out reminder notices for monthly plans.

Customers on Annual plans may receive an email reminder notice. But to be safe, please make sure to cancel before the anniversary date is hit.