Tutorial: Using Member Level Restrictions

Each membership level in Easy Membership Sites can designate a variety of restrictions for users. The most common restriction is for posts (aka articles). Each post (article) can be assigned to one or more categories. You can then use those categories to restrict viewing by membership levels.

Restrictions are set at the bottom of the Membership Level configuration screen:

When restrictions are in place, users in the membership level will be locked out of content in categories that are unchecked.

Restrict A Membership Level To Certain Email Addresses

There are times where you might want to offer a special membership to certain users – eg: users you might have met at a conference. You can restrict signups for a level to only those users that sign up with a known email address (eg: the email address you collected from the prior-mentioned conference example.)

To set up this kind of restriction, scroll down to the RESTRICT BY EMAIL section on the membership levels setup screen:

Users will not be allowed to sign up for a level if they try to do so with an email address that is not in the list.

Restrict A Membership Level To Certain User Names

Similarly, you can restrict signups to certain user names. Just scroll down to the RESTRICT BY USERNAME section.

Locking A Membership Level

You can lock a membership level to prevent users from cancelling or changing their level. If set, users cannot upgrade, downgrade or cancel a membership.

This option is available in the LOCK MEMBERSHIP LEVEL SETTINGS section

Once set, you can also configure an option to unlock the level after a certain time period.

Forcing Approvals

You can set a membership level to require admin approval before a membership is activated. Or you can require that the member already have an existing designated membership before they can upgrade.

These are all set in the APPROVAL SETTINGS section.

In there you will find three options.

  • Admin must approve new members for this level
  • User must have an approved membership for a different level
  • User must have an approved membership for a different level AND admin must approve new members for this level

Customized Home Page

You can create multiple home pages and assign them to a membership level. Users will be redirected to this page when they log in.

This is useful if you have radically different content or notices between each membership level.

To use this feature you should first create a page for the membership level using the PAGES menu option. Once the page is created and saved:

  • Go to the membership level screen (MEMBERSHIPS -> SETTINGS -> Levels).
  • Scroll down to the HOME PAGE FOR USERS section
  • Choose the page from the drop-down.

Custom Menus For A Level

It is possible to create a completely custom menu for a level. You can do this by scrolling down to the NAVIGATION MENU section and ticking the option checkbox in there.

Once that is done, you will see a new set of options under the APPEARANCE -> MENUS section.

In the image below, you’ll see that we have turned on this option for the SILVER level membership. Items assigned to these menu locations will only appear for SILVER members.

This is a bit of an advanced feature and takes a bit of experimenting to wrap your head around. If you think this is something you might use just contact us and we’ll be happy help you out.

Wrap Up

All of these restriction options apply to a single membership level. Each membership level can have a different set of options which provides an amazing amount of flexibility.

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